Mini Shapemaker

This is a handy, travel-sized version of our best-selling Shapemaker toy. The shapes are more compact and tactile, and it’s much lighter than its cousin, Shapemaker  – we’ve found that older children (of all ages!) enjoy Mini Shapemaker.

ShapeMaker is a set of 25 colourful, hand printed, environmentally friendly hardwood blocks made of replenishable rubber wood. The blocks can be arranged to create a menagerie of surprising creatures and hundreds of imaginative, engaging images. We include design suggestions many pictures like birds, tigers and more abstract patterns –  but we hope that Shapemaker inspires you to create your own. We imagine Shapemaker as an endless jigsaw puzzle without a solution – let your imagination run free!

Each set measures 12.5cm x12.5cm and 2.5 cm high and weighs only 300g so it makes worldwide delivery a lot cheaper

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