Design Museum London

We’ve been selling our products to the Design Museum in London for many years, so when we got a call from the education director saying she’d seen our products in their new shop and had an exciting vision for engaging young people with design, we were intrigued.
We went up to see the new building and were impressed by the scale and location of the museum. Finally It now has a permanent collection on display which is free to view as the last building only had space for paid exhibitions. Its 3-4 times bigger than their last building and It’s location is important too, fairly near to the V&A and Science Museum. So one can now make a day of visiting all these amazing Museums!

We were given a brief – Create four products exploring Fashion, Architecture, Typography and Product design. So what to do? We started drawing, cutting and playing and slowly the forms started taking shape, more tweaking adding and removing elements until we had what we wanted. Our factory then produced the pieces and we happy to say young designers are now enjoying playing with our products. We are currently planning on introducing two of these designs next year into our range.

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